Boujee People is a secret luxury outlet store and our customers rather you not know about it. It's a cave of designer items at prices that seem too good to be true. We're able to offer high end luxury fashion at exceptional prices because they are excess inventory from small boutiques to big fashion houses who all have the same problem. We alleviate this by being their solution and buy their past season pieces, seconds and samples. This allows us to be affordable (compared to their original retail price) for our customers who appreciate high quality products. There are still brands out there turning to burn their excess inventory or simply sending them to landfill - despite the fact that fashion is one of the biggest polluters. We're just two people and this is still a small business. We do every single thing in this business, whether it's negotiating with brands to sell their old collections to us to product photography to social media to packaging orders. When you receive an order from us, you know we were behind every single process. Our customers appreciate the personal and luxury experience they get when shopping with us. Your support truly means the world and every order brightens up our day because it means we get to carry on our mission: Saving fashion going to landfill and making luxury something anyone can afford.
November 24, 2022 — Ethan Huntington